At Labour Law Supreme we strive to achieve two very important aspects in the industrial relations market. Our mission is to provide guidance and comfort in employees who have had challenges at their place of employment. We provide sound labour related advice and assistance to ensure they get fair treatment as envisaged in the Labour Relations Act.

We furthermore aim to establish a partnership with employers and companies alike and become their first point of contract with regards to HR compliance and requirements therefor catering for both sides of the employment field.

We offer FREE legal consultation for employees with any labour dispute matter on account of the following:

  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Unfair Retrenchment
  • Discrimination
  • Constructive Dismissal

  We provide Employers with the following:

  • Representation at the CCMA/Bargaining Council
  • Labour Court
  • Labour Appeal Court
  • Legal Advise
  • Chairing of Disciplinary Enquiries
  • Advise and drawing of employment contracts, restraints of trade and or confidentiality agreements
  • HR Consulting
  • Drawing up codes, policies and procedure manuals
  • Performance Management
  • Union Negotiations

Benefits of using Labour Law Supreme

  • We provide legal advice and representation on a “NO WIN NO FEE” basis providing you with security and confidence in your matter.
  • Our services are provided on a national footprint.
  • At LLS we believe all employees have the right to be fairly treated at the workplace and employers get the best out of their human resource.
  • We also value our client professional integrity and intend to maintain it throughout the entire process and beyond.

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